05, February 2020 / ADVERTISING & BRANDING


 The elements of the Brand Identity


 What is a logo?
 The logo is one of the most important elements of the Brand Identity, which makes a company or product clearly recognizable.

 The main components of the Brand Identity are:
 1) the name, which is also the most important element because it is the easiest to memorize
 2) the payoff, the short phrase that accompanies the name and which serves to communicate the values ​​of the Brand, such as "Just Do It" and "impossible is nothing".
 3) the logo is the graphic transposition of the name, as in the logos of Coca-Cola, Google and Disney.
 4) the pictogram is an unreadable or pronounceable symbol, such as the mustache of Nike or the three-pointed star of Mercedes

 A "logo" can therefore be a simple logotype or a more complex sign, composed of pictogram and logotype, logotype and payoff.

 What is a brand?
 A brand is a set of graphic features, names, slogans, it is any symbol or graphic sign, capable of representing a brand.  It is the emblem of a company or a product of the company that distinguishes it from the competition.  The important thing is that it is recognizable and distinguishable.  It is therefore a fundamental element for the construction of the corporate image.