Pantone 2020
Pantone 2020
18, January 2020 / NEWS

Pantone 2020

Pantone is a company that deals with the cataloging of colors and their identification system. Pantone Matching System, is an international standard for graphics, for the management of colors in industry and chemistry. For twenty years the Pantone Color of the Year, announced every December, has influenced the world of design and fashion and has been chosen on the basis of "what is happening in our global culture"
The experts of the Pantone Color Institute scour every corner of the earth in search of new influences in terms of color: show business, film production, art collections and new artists, fashion, all spheres of design, tourist destinations, new styles of life and play, new technologies, materials, textures and effects that have an impact on color.

Classic Blue 19-4052, color of 2020

Timeless and timeless blue, elegant in its simplicity. It instills a sense of peace, tranquility and allows us to refocus our thoughts by facilitating concentration. A shade of blue that invites reflection, Classic Blue promotes resilience.

The first philosopher to speak of color was Empedocles. Born in Agrigento, he lived between 483-423 BC. about. He affirms that the things of this world are characterized not only by form but also by color. If things are made up of the four fundamental elements, there must be a relationship between the elements that make up things and the colors of things themselves.

Although the victim of societies, fashions and cultures, color has unique and universal characteristic validated by an ever increasing number of scientific experiments.
Jung hypothesized a correlation between his psychological types and colors, suggesting an affinity of "thought type" with blue, "feeling type" with red, "feeling type" with green, and "intuition type" with yellow.

Max Luscher (1), famous for his Color Test, says that color evokes sensory and affective responses of a universal nature. In his theory he identified a blue, a green, a red and a yellow type. These colors play a prominent role in the chromatic preferences of people and at the same time constitute a sort of underground common thread that gives union and coherence to a variety of both psychic and physical traits. For example, the blue type contains characteristics such as the desire to participate, attachment and union with the other, the propensity for sweet flavors, a tactile inclination for soft textures, the preference for cozy and enveloping places, etc.

“What we call a symbol - writes Carl Gustav Jung - is a term, a name or even a representation that can be familiar in everyday life and yet has specific connotations in addition to its obvious and conventional meaning. It implies something vague, unknown, inaccessible ".
Blue the deeper it becomes, the more it invites man to infinity.


1) Max Luscher: (1923-2017), Swiss psychotherapist, sociologist and philosopher. Inventor of the famous "Lüscher color test". A psychological test that analyzes a person's mood based on his or her preference for colors. This test is used for the selection of personnel in the American Navy and in the Italian Interior Ministry (source: Wikipedia)