War inside and flowers
War inside and flowers
19, August 2019 / AWARDS & BRANDING

War inside and flowers

Bosco California, Casale C.C. (VB)
MAY 18-21, 2017
Event promoted by the Artzo.lab Cultural Association in collaboration with the Brera Academy

Art installation inspired by the theme of conflict through the misrepresentation of the philosophical text of Sun Zhu, the Art of war. The peculiarity of this event consists in finding the elements of the work directly on site. There are many wars, from those reported by the media to internal ones. The title of the event changes its last word from "The war inside and out", to "flowers" and this small expedient allows to remove centrality to man, subordinating him to Nature.



Trees, in all cultures and symbols, represent Life, growth, development. The tree feeds on its roots, life is guaranteed by them. We have chosen to overthrow the symbol of life to represent its opposite: war. The tree exposes its roots to heaven, a tragic symbol of the last prayer. The sap stops flowing, life is over. The water flows underneath him but it is no longer a life supply, it can only erase, dilute, disperse the horror. Red is the color of blood, every other color would have been hypocrisy. The tree becomes a coral in the woods. It attracts, fascinates and draws attention, but in its visual arrogance, it no longer has anything natural. A severed artery. The only hope is in the memory of the water, transmitted by the stream to every drop of the planet.